Hustle Personal Training takes a unique approach to help clients achieve their fitness goals by implementing a whole-person training strategy. We believe that a variety of factors play into achieving optimal health and wellness including strength & conditioning, flexibility/mobility, nutrition, recovery, and mindset. Our trainers apply evidence-based methods to develop a personalized program for our clients that take each of these factors into account. Further, all of our trainers have an exercise-related college degree underlying their nationally accredited personal trainer certification in addition to ample experience working in the fitness industry. Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle/strength, improve flexibility, or become healthier in general, we can help you achieve your goals efficiently and safely, and even have fun doing it!

Meet The Trainers

Jessica- (Service area: Phoenix, Glendale, North & South Scottsdale)

Hustle Personal Training was founded in 2017 by Jessica, after almost a decade in the physical therapy field working as an exercise technician & trainer. She has been passionate about health and fitness since she was a kid playing multiple sports (winning a basketball State Championship in 2006), weightlifting, running, hiking, etc. throughout her life. She graduated from ASU in 2015 with her Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology and Minor in Psychology and decided to pursue her Master’s degree. In 2019, she graduated from A.T. Still University with her Master’s of Science in Kinesiology degree with an emphasis in Sports Conditioning, Corrective Exercise, and Orthopedic Rehabilitation. Additionally, she is a Certified Personal Trainer & Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA. She believes the mind-body relationship is extremely influential for client success and offers a well-rounded program from multiple perspectives. As a Kinesiologist, she utilizes a scientific approach when training and is very passionate and up to date on cutting-edge research to take her clients to the next level.

Jessica is also certified in Functional Range Conditioning (FRCms) and Functional Movement Screening which allows her to assess movement patterns for dysfunction and create an individualized program for optimal athletic performance and health. Ultimately, she believes that proper technique and execution of exercises are critical and that appropriate exercise progression must be built from a strong & functional foundation.

Her strong background in science and fitness along with her upbeat attitude, persistence, and passion for helping others allow her to give her clients the tools they need to achieve their health and fitness goals. Ultimately, her mission is to educate the community and to help others achieve optimal performance, health & wellness.


Becca- (Service area: Tempe, scottsdale, phoenix)

Hey everyone!

My names Becca, my favorite color is yellow and I love to hike! I was born and raised in Northwest Indiana, and attended college at Indiana University. I was awarded a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science, with a specialization in Sports and Exercise Science. Throughout my university, I took many classes that included Biomechanics, Human Anatomy and Physiology, and Exercise with Special Populations. I also have completed 120 hours working with a physical therapist to learn about mechanical limitations and how to care for them. Lastly, I am Functional Movement Screening level 1 certified. My biggest goal in with my career and clients is to help them feel comfortable in their own body, to push your limits, and EXCEED your expectations. While promising to be a motivating factor in your life, your health will always come first to me. Let’s see where we can go in this journey together!

Casey- (Service Area: Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, Ahwatukee, South Scottsdale)

Casey has a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from NAU and is currently pursuing a graduate degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis in strength and conditioning, corrective exercise, and orthopedic rehabilitation at A.T. Still University. He grew up participating in a variety of sports including martial arts, football, basketball, and baseball. Casey played varsity football and baseball throughout all four years of high school and played one year of college football before moving to Phoenix. A couple of years later, he stumbled into mixed martial arts and ended up pursuing a career as a professional fighter. Casey fought for 3 years, but suffered a shoulder injury that forced him to let go of that pursuit. Eventually, he got a job at a gym and met a trainer who had a large impact on his life. After picking his brain and hearing his passion for the industry, he knew that this was his calling in life. This is when he decided to continue his education in order to learn the best way to help others live healthier lifestyles and keep them safe in the process. Casey loves to share his passion for exercise with others and help them reach their fitness goals. When he is not in school or studying, he spends much of his time with his wife and dog, working out/reading about fitness, and riding his Harley.

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