Celery Juice- Not Just A Fad Diet; It’s a Blaring Alarm That Our Society Is Vulnerable to Pseudoscience & Social Media Influencers Too!

Celery juice has been getting a lot of attention lately. I thought it was hilarious when I pulled up to Nektar and saw that the celery juice movement has wiggled it’s way into these larger chains. I also thought it was funny that there are several grocery stores literally running out of celery because everyone thinks it’s the next miracle for common illnesses. So, I thought it was time to educate people. Here are a few red flags suggesting that celery juice is a fad diet and you shouldn’t follow it blindly:

1.) This huge movement was established by Anthony Williams or ‘The Medical Medium’ @medicalmedium as he likes to call himself. Well, what I’m concerned about is that he claims to diagnose and heal illnesses by “reading” people…like, spiritually. And he has no formal education in medicine, physiology, nutrition, or anything that I know of that would be required to legally practice medicine… which he is claiming to do…naturally…and spiritually. *Palm to Face* 🤦🏼‍♀️ Also, he was arrested for possession of mass quantities of marijuana and cocaine with intent to distribute a while back. So….it sounds like he’s a con artist gone rogue at this point.

2.) He’s claimed that celery juice contains undiscovered “cluster salts” that aren’t as biologically available when consumed by eating whole celery and they bind to toxins and flush them out of the liver…. Well, another problem is that cluster salts don’t exist. He made them up so he could sound smart, take advantage of vulnerable people, and get these people to buy and read his books.  He also mentions a LOT of other “sciencey” and intellectual sounding things in his posts and books… however, most (if not all) of it is false or he made it up.

3.) The scary thing is that is pushing people on this diet by using Instagram influencers like Gwyneth Paltrow, Robert DeNiro, Pharrell, etc. and laughing his way to the bank. This fad was created from massive Instagram Influencers. Pretty similar to the Fyre Festival. If you haven’t watched that documentary yet, do so and learn how so many people are being manipulated by social media content. (I watched the Hulu one)…

4.) I skimmed this guy’s Instagram and he claims that he doesn’t lift (or recommend lifting) because it puts too much stress on the body. 😂 But there’s about 9,876,567,234 studies suggesting that resistance training is beneficial for basically everything and is for EVERYONE. More on this later. If I posted rebuttal I would take up the entire word count here. But bottom line: I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t lift. 😂

Now, there’s not necessarily anything wrong with drinking celery juice. In fact, it’s pretty similar to drinking a big glass of water provided the it’s low micronutrient and caloric content and the fact that it is mostly water. The people experiencing benefits from celery juice are likely reducing their overall caloric intake, setting the tone to make healthy decisions for the rest of the day, and perhaps slightly increasing their micronutrient content more than usual by drinking the juice and possibly subsequently eating more fruits and vegetables throughout the day. However, it’s not a medical miracle, and there are plenty of other fruits and vegetables that are beneficial for the human body! So, while celery is selling out nationwide, don’t neglect your other fruit and veggie friends. There are so many other vitamins and minerals in different types of food. It’s important to achieve balance and try getting all different colors of fruits and vegetables in! Also, be aware of what you are soaking up from the internet.

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